Medical and Dental Insurance In Kinston, NC

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At Carlyle Dental, we recognize the importance of good oral care and your relationship with your general dentistry. We understand that the state of your teeth is vital to proper physical health, and shouldn’t be neglected. Our goal is to provide the residents of Kinston, Goldsboro, Greenville, and the surrounding areas of North Carolina with complete General dentistry care without anxiety, along with helping them to understand the process.

Medical Insurance to Cover Dental Procedures in Kinston, NC

Dr. Carlyle and Carlyle Dental are excited to announce that we can now offer you the option of accepting medical insurance to cover dental procedures done at Carlyle Dental. If you would like to learn more about this, or to find out if a certain procedure is covered, please call us today at 252-522-1777 to find out more about this huge and game-changing option for paying for your dental care.

How Can I Learn More About Medical Insurance to Cover Dental Procedures?

Dr. Carlyle is so thrilled to be offering his patients the option of medical insurance billing to cover dental procedures that he will be holding regular Happy Hour Learning events in the weeks and months ahead so that patients can come in and visit in our relaxing, clean, comforting offices and speak directly with him about how Carlyle Dental can work with your medical insurance plan so that you can increase your range of payment options while lowering your out-of-pocket costs for important dental procedures.

How Can I Attend the next Carlyle Dental Happy Hour Learning event on Medical Insurance to Cover Dental Procedures?

Call us today at 252-522-1777 to find out more about when our next Happy Hour Learning event with Dr. Carlyle will be held.

What is Medical Insurance to Cover Dental Procedures?

Take the time out of your busy schedule to stop by one of our Happy Hour learning events so you can gather all the information you need, and to learn more about your dental procedure financing options through your medical insurance plan. Medical insurance billing for dental procedures is a complicated topic, but at the heart of it is the fact that many dental procedures are medically necessary which is being increasingly demonstrated by scientific research on the health effects of untreated dental problems. As a result, more and more dental procedures are covered by medical insurance if the dental practice has the necessary training and expertise in medical billing codes to offer this cost-saving convenience to their patients.

Do Many Dentist Offer this Payment Option?

Less than 10% of dentists currently offer financing options through your medical insurance plan because of the extra work, knowledge, and training required to provide this service, but increasingly for medically necessary dental treatments, Dr. Carlyle is able to bill through your medical insurance plan, which is a great boon to those without dental insurance, but also offers increased coverage and lower out-of-pocket costs even to those patients with dental insurance.

What are the Benefits of Medical Insurance to Cover Dental Procedures?

While Carlyle Dentistry accepts cash, MasterCard, personal checks and Visa, in addition to offering Care Credit® for those who qualify, you may also qualify for coverage through your medical insurance plan for treatment of sleep apnea, TMJ, certain surgeries, as well as a variety of oral health and dental procedures that can now be covered by your medical insurance at Carlyle Dental.

Who is a Good Candidate for Using Medical Insurance to Cover Dental Procedures?

If you have medical insurance, then you may very well be a good candidate for using medical insurance to cover dental procedures at Carlyle Dental. The good news is that while billing your medical insurance for a qualifying dental procedure is complicated, and requires an in-depth knowledge of medical billing procedures, we here at Carlyle Dental handle the complicated aspects and make the experience easy, seamless, and stress-free so you can stay focused on your overall oral health and leave the rest to us. Book your spot at our next Happy Hour Learning event where you can sit down with Dr. Carlyle and talk about your financing options through your medical insurance plan. You could be paying more out-of-pocket than you need for your dental procedures, and you might be unnecessarily delaying a medically necessary dental procedure because you're worried about how to pay for it.

For many medically necessary dental procedures Carlyle Dental can now bill your medical insurance for additional coverage options for you. This option is beneficial to everyone with medical insurance, whether you have dental insurance or not. Call us at 252-522-1777 to learn more about this exciting new payment option and to book your spot at out next Happy Hour Learning Event with Dr. Carlyle.