Tooth Colored Fillings In Kinston, NC

Carlyle Dental offers tooth colored fillings for residents living in Kinston, Goldsboro, Greenville and the surrounding areas of North Carolina.

Traditional fillings made of amalgam and metal alloys are strong and durable, but because they do not match the natural color of the teeth, most people do not find them aesthetically suitable, particularly in visible locations such as front teeth. For this reason, Carlyle Dental offers tooth colored filling options for residents of Kinston, NC and Greenville, NC. In addition to matching your natural tooth color, these types of fillings can generally be completed in one visit. They bond securely and harden quickly, and help to reduce tooth sensitivity. They are not as strong or durable as amalgam or gold fillings, so they may break or have less longevity, and there is more of a recurrence with decay. For most residents of Kinston, NC and Greenville, NC, however, any disadvantages present in a tooth colored filling are generally outweighed by the enhanced attractiveness of their teeth and smile.

Different Types of Tooth Colored Fillings

Composite resin fillings, also called white fillings, are not suitable for areas where pressure is exerted, such as the molars, but are often used for visible, front teeth. Once the decay has been cleared, glue is placed into the hole, and the composite filling is applied in several thin layers, each hardened with a special light. Once the last layer is applied and cured, the filling is shaped to match the natural contours of the tooth.

Glass ionomer materials are an option suitable only for locations where there is no hard downward bite, although newer forms of this material may be more durable. These fillings do not have to be applied in layers, so they are easier to install, and they contain fluoride, which helps prevent recurring decay.

Porcelain fillings are made of ceramic or porcelain and are the most common tooth colored fillings. They are hard, durable and long lasting and can be used in almost every part of the mouth. Combining porcelain and metal into a filling is even more durable, though they generally require more than one visit, since they have to be made in a lab.

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is another type of porcelain filling that is made by mapping and photographing a replacement, which can be accomplished in one visit using the forefront of technology. These filling types are very durable and long lasting.

Where Can I Get Tooth Colored Fillings?

If you are in Kinston, NC or Greenville, NC, and have tooth decay and need tooth restoration, Carlyle Dental offers many options for a tooth colored filling that will meet your needs and give you an attractive, natural smile.

How Much Does Dental Bonding Cost in Kinston, NC?

The cost for dental fillings varies and depends on the extent of treatment necessary. We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, and personal checks. Insurance is accepted, and we also have financing available through CareCredit® and Compassionate Healthcare Services®.

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