Teeth Whitening in Goldsboro, NC

Many methods of teeth whitening are quite effective. Many individuals choose to perform teeth whitening themselves by using one of several products such as whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, and fluoride treatments. However, these methods can take much longer than the methods used by cosmetic dentists. Many teeth whitening methods are safe only when they are performed by a trained professional.

The Fastest Way for Goldsboro Residents to Receive Teeth Whitening Is to Visit a Dentist

Dentists can use bleach that is stronger than that found in DIY kits, since they can control how long these kits whiten the teeth and can also prevent the bleach from touching the gums and inside of the mouth. Also, teeth whitening works the best when performed after teeth cleaning. A dentist can clean a patient’s teeth and then perform the teeth whitening procedure.

Patients Can Have Their Teeth Bleached Instead of Whitened

Teeth bleaching penetrates the teeth deeply, while teeth whitening affects the surface. Carlyle Dental offers both teeth whitening and teeth bleaching services for residents of Goldsboro, NC, and will offer whatever methods best give the patient a bright smile.

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