Teeth Whitening in Ayden, NC

Many substances will stain teeth. Teeth whitening products can whiten teeth over time, but they are not as effective as teeth bleaching methods used by dentists. Many of the advances in teeth whitening technology make it possible for the teeth to look naturally white in a shorter period of time.

Patients Who Want the Whitest Teeth Should Find Dentist Teeth Whitening Services

One of the most common methods of teeth bleaching is light-accelerated bleaching. In this method, the dentist uses bleach and light to accelerate the bleaching process. The light is able to excite the bleaching chemicals without harming the tooth by overheating the pulp. With power bleaching, the soft tissue is separated from the rest of the mouth by a light-curable barrier.
In addition to using advanced teeth whitening techniques, the dentist is able to get teeth at a shade that will make them look naturally white, leading to a more attractive smile.

Fed Up with Stained Teeth? Get Them White in One Visit

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