Kenansville, NC Family Dentist

Many people do not attend the dentist regularly whether it is because of finances, fear/anxiety of the dentist, transportation limitations or for many other reasons. However, important regular oral care is important and necessary to maintain an overall healthy general health. Specifically, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you see a dentist regularly for routine visits in order to prevent and treat oral disease, so finding a dentist that you like and want to go back to is important!

At Carlyle Dental, we are a family friendly dental office that proudly serves the patient population of Eastern, NC. More specifically, we are located in Kinston, NC, which is close to the nearby city of Kenansville, NC making it convenient for you to schedule a dental appointment for you and your family.

Services We Offer:

As a general dental practice, we offer a wide array of treatment options to our patients ranging anywhere from fillings to tooth extractions. Other general dental treatment options we offer in our office are the following: crowns/bridges, dentures/partials, TMJ treatment, periodontal therapy, professional cleanings, sealants, root canal therapy and dental implants. Additionally, our doctors have extensive training in Sedation Dentistry helping our patients who may have a higher level of dental anxiety in the office.

Sedation Dentistry is safe and effective to use in the dental office in order to help alter perception and awareness, which helps to maximize total body relaxation. With sedation, you are conscious throughout the procedure, but you may have little to no memory of the treatment. If sedation is something that may interest you, please contact our office today to learn more information!

For patients who may be interested in changing their smile (smile makeover) or who may be more conscious of their teeth aesthetically, we also practice cosmetic dentistry in our office! This type of treatment includes whitening options, Invisalign, Porcelain Crowns, Veneers, etc. Nowadays, we have special 3-dimensional scanners that can make a “smile makeover” preview achieved digitally before the treatment is even done! This way you can see what your smile will look like before it starts, this is especially true with Invisalign treatment. Please call (252)-522-1777 today if cosmetic dentistry interests you!

Regardless of what dental treatment you may be interested in, Carlyle Dental offers an array of options for you and the whole family! Please visit our website today to learn more about our office and to schedule your new patient appointment with us.