Richlands, NC Family Dentist

Finding a dentist that may be right for you alone can be difficult, but finding a dentist that is right for the whole family can be even more challenging! At Carlyle Dental, we understand the hassle of finding a new dental office and the challenges that this may bring for you and your family, which is why we have a wonderful staff who is experienced in treating patients of all ages in our dental office.

In our office, we have two wonderful dentists, Dr. Carlyle and Dr. Olsen, that each takes immense pride in treating our patients local to Richlands, NC and surrounding areas around Kinston, NC. Dr. Carlyle is the owner and lead dentist of the practice and has had experience for over 18 years of treating those with high dental anxieties. As a dentist, Dr. Carlyle understands that the dental chair may not be every patient’s favorite place to be, which is why he focuses on taking the time to make each procedure relaxing and comfortable for the patient. He believes that a patient is much more than their “dental needs,” making it a priority for him to get to know his patients and form personal relationships with each one.

Dr. Olsen, a native of the Midwest, has made Greenville, NC his home and thoroughly enjoys treating patients in the Eastern, NC communities. He has a vast amount of clinical experience providing care for refugee and underserved populations, as well as many general and cosmetic dental services in family dentistry. He believes that the best form of care should start with taking the individual, their family and the individual goals and challenges into consideration.

In addition to our well-loved dentist, we have wonderful dental hygienists and dental assistants that keep our office flowing on a daily basis. Since we have a variety of staff in our office, this makes it great for families to find a provider who fits best for you, your kids and your family’s individual dental needs!

Are you located in the Richlands, NC area or surrounding Eastern, NC community? If you are and are looking for a dental office that fits you and your family’s needs, those of us at Carlyle Dental are here for all of your dental needs! Please call our office (252)-522-1777 to schedule your new patient appointments and visit here for more information regarding treatment services.