By Greta Gallo

Office Manager at Carlyle Dental

As the Office Manager with 28 years of experience at Carlyle Dental, I’ve seen a lot of changes.  Dentistry is an ever changing landscape, with new and exciting developments to better care for your teeth while offering the latest innovative technologies that promise exciting ways to give you the best, most beautiful smile! With so many changes in dentistry, it’s good to know Dr. Carlyle is always ahead of the game, going to classes to keep up with the latest technology.

Dental implants have been a great breakthrough in dentistry! Once they were just a concept out of reach for most patients, now they are the standard of care.

Invisalign in Kinston, NCInvisalign differs from traditional orthodontics because there are no metal bands or brackets, no  rubber bands, no painful adjustments.  Clear plastic aligners move teeth quicker because you change aligners every two weeks.

Porcelain laminate veneers allow the dentist to remove only a small amount of enamel on the front of a tooth, which is then replaced by a beautiful new surface that looks like a natural tooth.

There are new options for whitening teeth as well.  We offer Zoom Whitening that gives our patients immediate results in an office visit

Modern dentistryCosmetic Dentistry in Kinston, NC offers a higher quality of care with advances in electronic records, modern sterilization methods, and digital diagnostic options.  Each of these developments play their part in providing increased comfort during treatment and exciting new choices for patients!

Today’s sedation options include nitrous – better known as “laughing gas” – and pill sedation, which allows you to enjoy fewer visits and optimal relaxation for the duration of your appointment without an IV stick.

There are better tools available to enhance your home care, including Sonicare electronic toothbrushes that take all the guesswork out of brushing your teeth.