As Valentine’s Day comes and goes, we all want that special someone to experience that “Last first kiss!” We do everything we can from picking out all the “Kiss Me” messages out of the candy hearts bag to making the perfect playlist on Spotify. But don’t forget to make that most intimate of moments special by taking care of your mouth.
Many things happen during kissing. Do you want to exchange saliva with someone who has poor oral hygiene? You run the risk of passing on unwanted germs, illnesses, or diseases instead of candy, flowers or cards!
Here’s how to make that Valentine’s Kiss unforgettable!Will Valentine’s Day Give You Your Last First Kiss

Don’t give your loved one cavities 

You can share your cavities by simply kissing or sharing a dessert spoon.  The cavity causing bacteria can be transmitted from one person to another. Brush two times a day for three minutes and FLOSS your teeth once a day for healthy kisses and beautiful, cavity-free smile!

Bad Breath—The Kiss of Death

Bad breathe is caused by bacteria that growing in those hard to clean areas on your teeth and tongue.  Regular brushing and flossing can prevent the “Stank” breathe bacteria from forming. Use a non-alcohol containing mouthwash and chew sugarless gum for added breathe freshening.  Saliva has bacteria fighting agents, so stimulating saliva flow can decrease bacteria. Allows look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance on those products that claim to freshen your breath

Share your Memories, Not your Toothbrush.

If your loved one lets you have a drawer at their place, make sure you also ask for a spot to keep “your own toothbrush”!  Sharing a toothbrush is also sharing germs and it’s just plain “nasty”!

Get your teeth Whitened

Have you ever been in a jewelry store?  Do the display cabinets have dull, yellow lights shining down on the diamonds?  A symmetrical, bright white smile makes you feel so good about yourself and gives you that confidence that is so attractive to the special someone.  Ask your dentist about how you can whitening your teeth!

Smoking is just not Attractive Anymore

Smoking is bad for your breath and stains your teeth – not to mention terrible for your overall health. Smoking affects how well you smell and taste. People who use tobacco are twice as likely to get gum disease as someone who doesn’t smoke. Smokers are also more at risk for oral cancer. Give yourself a gift this Valentine’s Day and quit smoking!

Your Dentist is your Teeth’s best Friend

A good relationship with and bi-annual visits to your dentist can help keep your mouth be at its best all year long. Your dentist can help keep you healthy, discuss any concerns, and give more advice on keeping your smile fresh.


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