Everyone is different and everyone’s smile is different as well! This means each person’s needs and desires change when it comes to their smile. At Carlyle Dental located in Kinston, NC, just a short drive away from Pink Hill, NC, we understand this and want to work with you to meet all of your smile needs. In our office, we believe that our oral health is an important gateway into our overall health, so achieving a healthy smile is top priority!

In our office, we are a family oriented dental practice who serves the nearby Eastern NC regional communities like Winterville, Kinston, Pink Hill, etc. To our wonderful patients, we offer various general dentistry treatment options as well as cosmetic and sedation dentistry. General dentistry is very broad and can range anywhere from a simple filling to a wisdom tooth extraction, whereas cosmetic dentistry involves more of a “smile makeover” making use of cosmetics to transform smiles with veneers or crowns. Lastly, we proudly offer sedation dentistry options to our patients who may find it more nerve wracking to be in the dental chair. Our staff understands that the dental office may not be everyone’s favorite place, so sedation can help ease any anxiety that may be present.

If sedation dentistry interests you, we would love to provide you with more information. Briefly, you would be awake and conscious during a dental procedure but your perception and awareness would be altered with a mild anesthesia allowing the mind to be put at ease. Sedation options are great because it allows you to get any or all of your dental work done without any stress at the time. To see if sedation dentistry is right for you, we ask that you please consult with your physician if you have had a recent eye, ear, head injury or have been diagnosed with a lung or heart condition.

At Carlyle Dental, located just a short drive away from Pink Hill, NC we are a family dental office here to meet your smile needs! We offer and gladly accept new patient appointments and would love the privilege to meet with you soon. Please contact us to schedule.