Sorry for the long time since my last blog, but there has been a lot happening at Carlyle Dental over the last couple of months.  First, and most importantly, we would like to welcome our new associate dentist, Dr. Bethany McIver, to the office.  She is a 2015 graduate of the LSU School of Dentistry.  Dr. McIver practiced for a year and a half in her hometown of Lafayette, LA and moved to Eastern North Carolina to follow her husband, Dr. Michael McIver, who is doing his Residency in Sports Medicine and Physical Rehab at Vident Medical Center in Greenville.  She and Michael got married in October and then welcomed their first child to the family in November when they adopted a wonderful new puppy, Drew.  Dr. McIver has adjusted to the ENC weather and is looking forward to spending some time on our beautiful beaches this summer.

Along with Dr. McIver, a lot of other things are happening at our office.  We have invested in some new technology to help make us better caregivers, as well as, offering the most technologically advanced procedures.  The biggest investment is a 3D Cone beam machine.  It looks a lot like our old Panarex x-ray but enables us to develop three-dimensional x-rays of teeth, jaws, TMJ, and sinuses so that we can identify problems that were previously undiagnosable.  It also aids us in dental implant treatment planning.  Another item you may notice is the next time you have a crown or night guard for bruxism, the impression will be made with a 3-Shape Digital Scanner.  YEA!  No more horrible tasting impression material!

I will detail the new technologies further in upcoming blogs.  Thanks for visiting our site and introduce yourself to Dr. McIver the next time you visit Carlyle Dental.

Ricky Carlyle, DDS