General Dentistry in Kinston, NCMay always is seems like the beginning of the year for me!  New Year’s Day is always cold and in eastern NC—RAINING!  May, though, is the beginning of summer, which is my time of year!  I love the beach and the outdoors!  Fishing, sunning, or just relaxing is always better when it’s warm outside.  Spring is about second chances and resurrection.  Many people need that in their personal lives, as well as their dental health lives.  Jesus gave us a second chance as sinners.  Not comparing myself to Him, but Carlyle Dental offers second chances to people who have not always been the best dental patients.  Many of us just put off going to the dentist and blame it on not having dental insurance or not having the time.  Many people are truly petrified of visiting the dentist due a traumatic dental experience in the past, a severe gag reflex, or just embarrassment of how bad their teeth may have gotten!

No matter what your reason for a second chance in life, we cater to all DENTAL SINNERS!  We realize and empathize with people who have those fears and anxieties about walking through our door.  Believe me, our office has already seen the “worst of the worst”!  There are very few things in dentistry that we have not already seen multiple times.  We do not judge or condemn!  We offer compassion for those who have not followed the path of dental righteousness!  We help those who are in need of help and are willing to work on getting to the promise land of healthy teeth and mouths!

If you are in need of help, call us today to set up an initial consultation to evaluate and gather information about your oral and overall health.  If you are the most fearful of the fearful, we can schedule that consultation in the conference room with not a shiny dental instrument in sight!

Ricky Carlyle, DDS