It’s almost September and you have not visited your dentist all year! Yet, you have been paying for dental insurance through payroll deductions. As December 31 nears, you begin to realize that you are going to lose that insurance maximum benefit and you need to have some dental work completed. Don’t wait until December 15 to schedule an appointment!

It never fails, we have 5-10 patients come in or call on December 21 wanting to use up their dental benefits before the end of the year. We try to accommodate them but only if the schedule permits. Most of the time these patients have known for months about the need for treatment but wait till the last minute to call.

So, “What’s the big deal?” If you have an annual benefits maximum of $1,500 and you have only used $250 to have your teeth cleaned and need other work, you may be throwing away that $1,250. Also, if you have met your deductible and delay treatment till the next year, then your benefits will be subject to another $50 deductible. That $50 could be used for a nice date night with your spouse!

Lastly, consider dropping your insurance all together unless your employer pays for it 100 %. We had a patient this morning who has been paying $35/month for dental insurance for the past three years without getting treatment done. That means she totaled $1260 in premiums, left $3000 of benefits on the table, and needs over $5000 in treatment. Her total loss is $4,260 and she still needs work done!

Call Carlyle Dental now to get a better understanding of how much dental benefits you have remaining and schedule an appointment to get it done!

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