Dental Implants in Ayden, NC

A dental implant is an artificial tooth composed of three parts: the metal implant, an abutment, and the artificial tooth. Dental implants are excellent alternatives to dentures because they are more stable and feel more natural. The abutment and artificial tooth may be placed on the same day (immediate load procedure) or after 3 to 6 months when the metal implant has fully fused with the jawbone (delayed load procedure). Carlyle Dental offers dental implants to residents of Ayden, NC.

Dental Implants Procedure

The metal implant, which is usually made of titanium, is fitted into the slot of the lost tooth. For delayed load implants, the patient will wait for 3 to 6 months before placing the artificial tooth to allow osseointegration, the process by which the jawbone fuses with the metal implant. For immediate load implants, the abutment and artificial tooth are attached to the metal implant without waiting for several months. Patients may experience minor pain and swelling after the procedure, but these are usually relieved by over-the-counter pain medications.

Dental Implants Results

Compared to dentures, dental implants are more durable and more comfortable. They also allow easier eating and feel more natural. With good oral hygiene, dental implants can last for many years. Carlyle Dental offers dental implants to residents of Ayden, NC.

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