Dental Crowns in Ayden, NC

Dental crowns are placed over the remains of a patient’s tooth. The crown is then the part of the tooth visible to others. For those who have poor teeth and who need to have their teeth restored, the dental crown is one of the best options.

People get dental crowns for many reasons, including repairing teeth that have become damaged, to cover teeth that are stained, and to reshape or align teeth that are unattractive. Patients who wish to have crowns placed on their teeth for any of these reasons should consider contacting a dentist.

Residents of Ayden, NC Who Aren’t Happy with Their Teeth Should Get Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are made out of either porcelain or a metal alloy. The crown can also be made out of a combination of these materials. The crowns are sometimes attached to dental implants, which are meant to be a permanent part of the jaw.

Dental Crowns Should Be Placed By a Qualified Dentist

Carlyle Dental offers dental crowns for residents of Ayden, NC. Carlyle Dental can provide all the services a patient needs to have his or her mouth restored to good as new.

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