Dentist in Kinston, NCWouldn’t that be good question to really have the answer too?  I don’t think that anyone has the real answer to that question or at least I can’t find any researched scholarly articles that give me those statistics.  So from here we will just have to speculate.

The one thing I did figure out is all three towns have people with teeth that need some work and there are plenty of dentists  in each one  to take care of all the bad teeth. When you are making a decision on which dentist that is right for you,  do some research.  Choosing the wrong one can lead you down a path of no return.  Fortunately, good dentists in our area far out number the ones that aren’t, so it really comes down to one that meets your expectations.  Whether it’s quality of care, access to the latest technologies, lowest price, or gentle care there is someone for you!

At Carlyle Dental we have realized in our 25 years of service that we can not please every patient- even tHough  we try.  What we do offer is a one stop shop for 95% of your dental needs.  We can perform most procedures in all facets of general dentistry.  The experience at our office is comprehensive and thorough.  Your first visit starts with an exam that explores everything from your chief complaint to head and neck cancer screening, sleep apnea screening, TMJ disease evaluation, periodontal disease screening, cosmetic and orthodontic evaluation, and of course, cavity detection.

Sounds just like every dental office you have ever been to right?  The one thing that separates us from the rest is what we do with that information. After the information gathering appointment,  we schedule a treatment planning conference in our state of the art consultation room where Dr. McIver or I, not a staff member, will discuss everything we found.  We develop multiple plans that give the patient every unbiased option for correcting all problems and then,  turn it over to a staff member for financial consultation once all questions are answered-know matter how long it takes!

We hear it every week after doing a conference that the patient can’t believe we spend so much time discussing and educating the patient on their plans at no cost to them.  We believe that starting comprehensive dental plans is like building a house.  The contractor doesn’t just show up on your land with a truck load of lumber and start building what he wants to build.  A blueprint is first designed  by an architect  with the clients “wants list” and then turned over to the contractor with input from the clients all the way through the build.  The end result is a happy homeowner if he does quality work.  
It’s no different for the dental patient.  Beginning with a good blueprint usually leads to very few surprises and a happy patient! Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of every option means that the patient’s expectations can usually be met.  That’s what separates Carlyle Dental from other dental offices in our area.  Give us a call (252)-624-9698 or visit if you think we can develop a blueprint for you!