RickyCarlyle Carlyle Dental, Kinston, NCAs the traffic on our website increases, I felt compelled to start blogging with our patients and potential patients about what’s happening at Carlyle Dental.  My blog will contain information about dental topics that are in the news or seem to be popular among our patients.  I think it’s important to educate our patients about their dental health and potential dental health concerns.  My goal is to post weekly about topics that have come up in our office that week or about exciting news that’s happening with our staff or myself.

This Friday I am off to Wilmington for a Continuing Education Class focusing on Dental Implants.  I can’t wait to hear what Dr. Doug Rose has to say about 3D Imaging (CAT scans).  3D Imaging can greatly improve our treatment planning and restoration of implants.  Purchasing a CAT scan for our office would be a significant investment but could prove invaluable in the treatment of implants and TMJ related diseases.  I will discuss this topic more in the coming months.

Thanks for visiting our website and my blog!

Ricky Carlyle